Office Waste Paper Recycling

What can be recycled?

All normal types of office waste paper are suitable for recycling. Bolton Bros take all of the difficulty out of your company’s paper recycling, no sorting is required to segregate your paper recycling and other waste. The waste paper for recycling can be deposited together in our office paper recycling containers and then once the office floor recycling bins are then your cleaners can empty them into our outside storage wheeled paper recycling containers.

The types of paper that can be recycled are as follows:

  • Company letterheads & compliments slips of any colour not just white papers
  • Invoice papers single & multipart types
  • Company literature and brochures
  • Newspapers 
  • Glossy magazines
  • Computer printout listing paper 
  • Envelopes consisting of white and brown envelopes with or without windows

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